Dialysis, Here's What You Need to Know

Dialysis or hemodialysis is a medical procedure that aims to replace kidney function due to damage to the organ. During the dialysis process, blood will be flowed by a machine from the patient's body through a sterile channel and through a special dialysis membrane. Through these membranes, the body's metabolic wastes will be removed and stored in special fluids. The main function of the kidneys is to regulate fluid balance in the body by producing urine. In addition, the kidneys also function to remove various metabolic waste in the body through urine. Dialysis is needed for someone who has suffered severe kidney damage so that kidney functions cannot function properly. Dialysis can provide an opportunity for patients with kidney failure to continue to undergo daily activities properly. Indications Dialysis Dialysis is done in patients with kidney failure, both acute kidney failure and chronic kidney failure. Symptoms of kidney failure that can be observed include: The
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